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2€ Juhlaraha Monaco 2012  Itsenäisyys
2€ Juhlaraha Monaco 2012 Itsenäisyys.
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2 Euro Commemorative coins is allways from original rolls.

Feature: 500th anniversary of the establishment of Monaco’s sovereignty by Lucien I Grimaldi

Description: The inner part of the coin shows a portrait of Lucien I Grimaldi, in profile, facing to the left. The inscription “1512 SOUVERAINETE DE MONACO 2012” forms an arch around the portrait along the outer edge of the inner part of the coin, flanked by two ornamental diamonds, as well as by the horn of plenty (mintmark of Monnaie de Paris) and the “fleurette” (hallmark of the engraving workshop) to the left and right, respectively, at the bottom of the portrait. The founder’s name, “Lucien Ier”, is given above the mintmark. The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European Union.

Issuing volume: 100,000 coins


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