2€ Andorra 2014 Amission to the Council of Europe Proof

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2€ Andorra 2014 Amission to the Council of Europe Proof
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2€ Andorra 2014 Amission to the Council of Europe Proof

Lyöntimäärä 5000

National side of the new commemorative 2-euro coin intended for circulation and issued by Andorra
Euro coins intended for circulation have legal tender status throughout the euro area. For the purpose of informing the public and all parties who handle the coins, the Commission publishes a description of the designs of all new coins (1). In accordance with the Council conclusions of 10 February 2009 (2), euro-area Member States and countries that have concluded a monetary agreement with the European Union providing for the issuing of euro coins are allowed to issue commemorative euro coins intended for circulation, provided that certain conditions are met, particularly that only the 2-euro denomination is used. These coins have the same technical characteristics as other 2-euro coins, but their national face features a commemorative design that is highly symbolic in national or European terms.

Issuing country: Andorra

Subject of commemoration: 20 years in the Council of Europe

Description of the design: The design shows at the centre left the coat of arms of Andorra followed by the inscription ‘20’ where the zero is stylised to represent the Council of Europe’s flag. At the top are the inscriptions ‘ANDORRA’ and underneath ‘AL CONSELL D’EUROPA’. The year ‘2014’ appears at the bottom left followed by an oblique line.
The coin’s outer ring depicts the 12 stars of the European flag.

Number of coins to be issued: 5 000



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